German, English and Catalan to Spanish freelance translator specialising in art, cosmetics and fashion, travel and leisure, finance and technology. I have translated a wide variety of documents in these areas, mainly for European translation agencies and leading companies from different industries. My work is supported and guaranteed by eleven years of experience and a broad training not only in translation, but also in my fields of expertise. This specialisation, together with an accurate working method, a personalised and friendly service and a swift and efficient communication, is what my clients value most.


Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders and Interpreters - Professional Partner

Why should I choose a professional translator?

A translator is a professional who has certain abilities and resources that not everyone has. A professional translator must:

I always recommend working with a professional translator; you will ensure the best quality for your translations. As a professional with a specific background in translation, I can offer that guarantee for a competitive price.